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Hair Extensions

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Types of Extensions

Clip-In Extensions

​A type of extension that is attached to a small metal clip, which is then clipped into your hair. You can curl, straighten, and color them. They can be used to add length, volume, or a pop of color to your natural hair.

Tape-In Row Extensions

This type of hair extension is a long strip of hair, perfectly colored to match your hair, that has a strip of adhesive at the top. When the extensions are placed in the hair, they can add volume, length, and versatility to hair without any damage. When cared for properly, these extensions can last for months. Maintenance is every 6 weeks. 

Pro Tips: Hair Care & Styling

Pre-book your extension follow up and maintenance, no later than 6 weeks after your initial application.

Do not shampoo, wet hair, or exercise to the point of perspiration for 48-72 hours after application, as the bond needs adequate time to cure. No exceptions. Does not apply to clip-in's.

Leave time for extra washing and/or styling until you're used to working with your extra volume and/or length.

Apply conditioner only from mid - ends. Do not apply on your scalp or panels. 


Only use products I've recommended for your extensions. 


Be sure you are pressing your tape-in panels together when you are blow drying. This will reaffirm the bond each time. Power dry panels and scalp well before applying tension with a brush. 



This will prevent and rid your hair of tangles while keeping your hair looking and feeling beautiful. When hair is wet, hold panels, removing any tangles by working from ends upward. 


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will prevent your hair from tangling. 


Chlorine is not hair-friendly. If entering the pool or ocean, apply a leave-in conditioner from mid to ends and put up into a ponytail. NO BRAIDS!


Stay away from sunscreen containing Avobenzone and Octocrylene, these ingredients will turn your hair orange.

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